Behind The Horizon - Documentary - A quest for answers...
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Two young filmmaker are travelling together with two digital nomads Steven and Diana and their one year old daughter from Mexico to Costa Rica. Together they are documenting how you can choose for the life of your dreams, even when you don’t have a steady job, a fixed income or a big savings account. During this adventurous roadtrip of two months the filmmakers will learn everything about living a different lifestyle. A lifestyle in which concepts like money, time, work and possessions will gain a different meaning. Together they will visit a number of secluded communities, meet special fellow travelers and learn wise lessons from local people. This way will show what your live can look like if you take matters into your own hand. A life behind the horizon.


Imagine being an ambitious young and freshly graduated student and stepping into the typical 9-5 office job that almost immediately drains all your energy. Together with loads of other young people, the makers of this film are facing this fate. A fate that was taught to us but doesn’t have to be true perse. A We believe that in 2016 this does not have to be the path we have to walk. We want to investigate what possibilities lie off the beaten track. Without worrying about society’s expectations. How can we contribute to society and be productive, but in a different way? And what would this life look and feel like? Time to hit the road and find out!


We are shooting this documentary for the ever growing group of people that are becoming conscious of the fact that life can be a lot more sustainable, independent and filled with freedom and adventure. A life where work no longer plays the central role it does now and an impulsive, adventurous lifestyle is becoming the new normal. People who, just like us, envision a better world. With our search through central america and within ourselves we hope to inspire many others and to stimulate them to consciously and confidently choose for themselves and the life they want to live.


We are travelling with two vans from San Crstobal de las casa inn Mexico to Bocas del Torro in Panama. During this journey we will document the lifes of Steven and Diana, the people we meet and number of specifically selected places on our route.


‘Behind The Horizon’ is a passion driven project. We would like to capture this journey and share it with the world. In order to this in the most inspiring and effective way, we are going to need some help. Shooting a documentary abroad is a costly and risky undertaking. Your contribution will help us tell a story that will inspire many others.


‘Our campaign has been succesfully backed on Cinecrowd. We are now on the road!


We are travelling with two vans from San Cristobal de las casa inn Mexico to Bocas del Torro in Panama. During this journey we will document the lives of Steven and Diana, the people we meet and number of specifically selected places on our route.

Marnix Smalbil

Marnix (25) has been busy with film and photography for years. Until now he has mainly worked on commercial work as a freelance filmmaker. What he enjoys most are projects where storytelling , animation, film and 3D come together . During our trip he’s going to use his acquired skills and experience to capture the best stories, moments and experiences on camera.

Martijn Josephs
Co-director/Film maker

Martijn(25) studies Art & Technology, mainly because of the art. What keeps him busy most is his astonishment of the elusive. This rises from a personal hate-love affair with the ‘why’ behind life. That’s why he’s always searching for hidden stories, to capture their beauty and by that celebrate life.

Diana Zwerink-Vermeij

Diana Vermeij (35) choose to simplify her life. In 2011 she left with Steven and headed out to Mexico to start a life as a digital nomad: traveling entrepreneur. She had to say goodbye to most of her possessions and didn’t bring more than a backpack. Now she is inspiring other to live a ‘lighter’ life.

Steven Zwerink

Steven Zwerink (34) had a good job working for a large multinational. In 2011 he realised that there is more in life than just working for a boss. Now he’s a Digital Nomad who makes smart use of the internet and travels the world full-time with his wife and kid. He is actively working with themes as money, time, work and possession and the impact these four simple words have on our daily existence.

Isa Mae Zwerink Vermeij

Isa (1) still has no idea what’s ahead of her, not during this documentary and not in the life ahead of her. Right now she’s just living in the moment and enjoying the certainty that her parents are there for her every moment of the day.

Motorised donkey, home, companion

Nina (44) has been the loyal travel companion of Steven & Diana for the last few years. On a side note for the enthusiasts; it’s a Volkswagen Westfalia from 1972, German made. For the first time she’s going to look after baby Isa and carry them safely across Central America